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Project Overview

SURYA SEJAHTERA GROUP currently has collaboration and is a good partner with several Ministry Agencies, Regional Governments and related.

We are supported by a team that is reliable, experienced, dedicated and professional. We work closely with clients in planning, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating many innovative and scalable programs.

To respond to clients, we always try to improve and evaluate performance both in the work system and also place competent employees in their fields so as to ensure that each project can be carried out in accordance with the work contract, in this case we are always oriented to the quality requested.

SURYA SEJAHTERA GROUP has been actively involved in developing and implementing good development practices for government organizations, private companies and state-owned companies to achieve better processes and outcomes for organizations, communities and countries.

In line with this and the challenges of technological advancements that support in various aspects of trying to always build it and to establish a satisfying system and service.

In various aspects to support work productivity on an ongoing basis to provide trust and satisfaction to all clients and as one company that is ready to compete with companies engaged in the same field, our commitment is to promote quality guaranteed and timeliness.


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    Eratala Suprayogi
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    Surya Sejahtera Group
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